The Probus Club of Meltham - Previous Talks

Date Title Speaker
Read 24 Jan 2018 Other Folks Rubbish Christopher Helme
Read 10 Jan 2018 Tellin' t'Tale Rod Dimbleby
Read 13 Dec 2017 What Have Volcanoes Ever Done for Us Chris Freeman
Read 22 Nov 2017 Faces and Places Robert Vickers
Read 08 Nov 2017 Childhood Richard Ryden (Probus)
Read 25 Oct 2017 Peak District Mountain rescue Mike France
Read 11 Oct 2017 Through Life with a Camera Robert Vickers (Probus)
Read 27 Sep 2017 History of Hanging Patrick Robertshaw
Read 13 Sep 2017 Bedpans and False Teeth Denise Adlard
Read 23 Aug 2017 Black Dyke Mills Brass Band John Clay
Read 09 Aug 2017 Well-travelled Biker Tom Lonsdale
Read 26 Jul 2017 Don Catchment River Trust Chris Firth
Read 19 Jul 2017 Middleham Stables/Catterick Races Alan Starkey
Read 12 Jul 2017 HTAFC in My Life John Holden (Probus)
Read 28 Jun 2017 Donkey Sanctuary, Leeds Daniel McLoughlin
Read 14 Jun 2017 Biography, Travel Jerry Crabtree (Probus)
Read 24 May Doorstep Crime Workshop  
Read 10 May Meltham circa 1950 Brian Smith (Probus)
Read 26 Apr Scams and Fraud Workshop Cathy Chadwick-Rayner
Read 12 Apr Early Life and Horse Racing/Banking Basil Smith / Anthony Wadsworth
Read 22 Mar Motor Industry Anecdotes Don Metcalfe
Read 22 Feb The Elizabeth Tower (aka "Big Ben") Paul Thompson
Read 08 Feb The Yorkshire Ripper Hoax Stuart Smith
Read 25 Jan 2017 The Essence of a Georgian Gentleman David Allen
Read 11 Jan 2017 Yorkshire Humour David Calverley
Read 23 Nov Parole Board Patrick Robertshaw
Read 09 Nov The Battle for Monte Cassino Stuart Smith
Read 26 Oct Design for the Disabled Daniel Tyas
Read 12 Oct Bangladesh Roger Hirst
Read 04 Oct Visit to A V Roe Richard Ryden
Read 28 Sep Blue Nile Peter Drake
Read 14 Sep Showcase 2015 Batley Audio Visual Society
Read 24 Aug "Fracking" Peter Robertshaw
Read 10 Aug More Than Just a Shop Gillian Lonergan
Read 27 Jul Crime Prevention - Part 1 Jonathan Hoy
Read 21 Jul Wentworth Woodhouse
Read 13 Jul Kuala Lumpur and Penang Leslie Chadwick
Read 22 Jun Past Times in West Yorkshire Noel Moroney
Read 08 Jun Manchester Born and Bred Pam Murgatroyd
Read 25 May The History of Wentworth Woodhouse Trevor Moody
Read 11 May Kirkwood Hospice Family Care Team Seamus Nash
Read 27 Apr Travels in Bulgaria Barry Hobson
Read 13 Apr Old Flames Granville Dobson
Read 23 Mar 2016 Members' Day Various
Read 24 February The Secret Life of Agatha Christie Pat Osborne
Read 10 February Implications of the Care Act - Part 2 Clive Barwell
Read 27 January Sir John Hawkins Gawain Cole
Read 13 January 2016 The Practical Implications of the Care Act Clive Barwell
Read 09 December Unemployed "Geologist" Clinton Burhouse
Read 25 November 30 Years of Happiness John Daniel
Read 17 November BBC Media City visit
Read 11 November Buses Around Huddersfield Mike Fenton
Read 14 Oct 2015 To New York on the Queen Mary Ian Baxter
Read 23 September Stanza Stones Tom Lonsdale
Read 09 September A Trip Down Memory Lane Keith Barber
Read 02 September North Yorkshire Moors Railway 40th Anniversary Trip
Read 26 August Convoy of Hope Frank Wright
Read 12 August Top of the Bill John Wallis
Read 22 July Past Times in West Yorks David Trimble
Read 08 July West Yorks Fire and Rescue Service Dave Walton
Read 24 June India Les Chadwick
Read 10 June My Early Years Roy Maitland
Read 27 May Mary Queen of Scots, the Captive Queen George Eccleston
Read 13 May The Three Polar Greats John Mitchell
Read 22 April The Livery Companies Nick Gale
Read 08 April Meltham War Memorial Michael Nolan
Read 25 March Mary, Queen of Scots: The Young Queen George Eccleston
11 March AGM Members' Day
Read 25 February Conflicts in the Middle East Paul Rodgers
Read 11 February The Fire and Rebuilding of Windsor Castle Don Metcalfe
Read 28 January The Secret Life of Charles Dickens Pat Osborne
Read 14 January 2015 Journey through Africa - Part 3 Peter Drake
Read 10 December Life Matters Julian Taylor (Honley Law Practice)
Read 26 November West Riding Woodcarvers
Read 12 November Victim Support Graham Smith
Read 05 November Visit to the National Space Centre
Read 22 October Little-known London Patricia Bell
Read 08 October Plastic Fantastic Jean Broadbent
Read 24 September Journey through Africa - Part 2 Peter Drake