Probus Club of Meltham - Visit to National Space Centre

05 Nov 2014

Visit to the National Space Centre

A group of about 22 visited the National Space Centre in Leicestershire. Fortunately, the M1 was relatively clear and the only hold up was the long section restricted to 50mph. Even so, the journey only took a couple of hours
There were many different exhibitions on topics such as the Big Bang, the formation of stars and galaxies, the life and death of stars with plenty of intereactive exhibits to amuse the kids (and us). The presentation in the Sir Patrick Moore planetarium was "We are the Aliens" about the possibility of and search for extra-terrestial life. The girl who introduced the show fooled everyone by asking them to fasten their (non-existent) seat belts.
Although we were there for around 4 hours, I am sure that we did not see all there was to see.
Here are some photos to give you a taste of what was on offer

Group enjoying a coffee The Tower (holding the Black Prince rocket Soyuz spacecraft Black Prince rocket - both stages Black Prince rocket - 2nd stage Satellites

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