Probus Club of Meltham - Meeting 25 February 2015

25 February

Conflicts in the Middle East

Paul Rodgers

Todayís speaker was Paul Rodgers of Bradford University Peace Studies who gave an excellent presentation on "Conflicts in the Middle East."

Paul began with good news concerning Iran, Tunisia and Egypt but warned that there is a war going on against Islamic State [ISIS] that is not always reported with at least 48,000 targets hit and over 8,500 casualties.

He described the origins of ISIS originating from the 1980ís when Russia moved into Afghanistan and the CIA supplied missiles to insurgents and then the Taliban taking over the country when Russia left in 1988.

He then went through a sequence of events leading to the current situation whereby young people are attracted to the westís so called attack on Islam empowered by modern social media.

The final question is - do we go in or wait??

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