Probus Club of Meltham - Meeting 25 March 2015

25 March

Mary, Queen of Scots: The Young Queen

George Eccleston

Today’s speaker was George Eccleston who spoke about Mary Queen of Scotts-the young queen.
He described how she was born 8th December 1542 to James 5th and a French mother but had a dramatic but tragic life dying at the age of 44.
She became queen at 6 days old and was on the move until she was 5 then spending many years in France. She was described as a page 3 girl which members related to immediately and was friendly, feminine, sporty and well educated. Married at 15 but a widow at 17 things went from bad to worse, married to a rogue and has a son James 6th back in Scotland.
Part 2 of the talk is scheduled for 27th May when he will talk about The Captive Queen.

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