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The Probus Club of Meltham - Meeting 28 Oct 2015

28 Oct 2015

Members' Day


Today we were blessed with presentations from 4 of our very own members giving 15 minutes each of their time to entertain the club.

Merion Halberdier Lewis gave an audio visual presentation of a formidable weapon that he is authorised to parade through Kidwelly South Wales and also as a one off through the streets of London to protect the Lord Mayor. A video showing a man in Wales who was clearly disturbed hacking a dead pig up with a Halberd gave everyone an opportunity to reconsider Welsh holidays in the future.

Malcolm Mould then described how, despite an oil industry advert asking for a bright lad, he got the job anyway much to the surprise of his father as a trainee tribologist.He described a number of experiences he had over a long career which started in Leeds and then took him around the world.

Richard Ryden then entertained with a true mystery story of “noises in the loft “which occurred following the unfortunate departure in 1989 of his 1st wife due he said in part because the newness of their relationship had worn off in a very short time. He described the terror of lying awake in bed alone of course on a windy night hearing the ghostly sounds of a moaning voice in his loft only to find out when he plucked up the courage to go up there it was a Barbie doll on an almost flat battery-enough said I think.

John Mitchell ended the talks with an interesting fact on the reporting of the demise of the Titanic in 1912 and of how the Halifax Courier had the biggest scoop story ever. They were even aware of the sinking via Reuters before the White Star Line who owned the ship.

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