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The Probus Club of Meltham - Meeting 09 Dec 2015

09 December

Unemployable "Geologist"

Clinton Burhouse

Today's speaker was club member Clinton Burhouse and his talk was entitled "Unemployable Geologist".
He told us his life was largely about being liked in the early days, but later business dominated his life although he lives for the love of Jean his wife.
He was born in a humble terrace in Cowlersly but his father named him Charles Joseph Clinton Burhouse which made him the butt of a lot of jokes but spurred him on.
He suffered a fractured skull as a youngster and he thinks that "rearranged things inside". His careers master at New College advised him to study Geology, he found something he liked doing and made a profitable career out of fossils and semi-precious gemstones.
His talk end as his business was expanding and he will be back to tell us more next year.

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