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The Probus Club of Meltham - Meeting 14 Sep 2016

14 Sep 2016

Showcase 2015

Batley Audio-Visual Club

We were today given a presentation by Batley Audio and Visual Club, entitled Showcase 2015.They describe this as a modern photographic update on the old lantern-slide exhibitions, and depicted events compiled by some of their members during 2015.

  1. A Baltic cruise on the Queen Victoria, visiting Tallinn, Warnemunde, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Kristiansand, a voyage of some 3170 nautical miles
  2. London - a number of interesting photographs of our capital city, which emphasized the great difference in ages between old and new structures in the city.
  3. This is the Place:- An interesting depiction of the events surrounding the Mormon trek across the USA to establish their base in Salt Lake City, Utah
  4. Funny One-Liners:- A selection of humorous one-line comments made by actors of the silver screen.
  5. Handsock Priory:- Pictures taken at the priory, near Blyth, Nottinghamshire, emphasizing in particular the profusion of snowdrops cultivated in the grounds
  6. From Kennebunkport to Rockford: - Depicting a journey down the affluent New England coastline, which included an extraordinary number of restaurants!
  7. Summer 2014:- An exhibition of pictures taken during the Tour de Yorkshire, obviously including many from our own area. It was noticeable that, at times, the number of police motorcycles appeared to outnumber the bikes of the competitors!
  8. Old Cowboys Never Die: - A selection of comical headstones taken in Boot Hill!

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