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The Probus Club of Meltham - Outing 19 Jul 2017

19 Jul 2017

Middleham Stables and Catterick Race Course

26 of us set off on a grey day for a visit to Micky Hammond's stables in Middleham.

Waiting for the coach

On arrival we were greeted by Gemma, the assistant trainer who told us we were welcome to wander around as we please.
To stroke the horses and give them Polos if we had them.
It didn't take long to start making the acquaintance of the horses.

Making friends Making friends Where did you all go? Please say hello

From Middleham, we travelled on to the race course at Catterick. We saw 6 races but had to leave before the final race at 17.25.
Most of the races were short, 5 furlongs or so, and lasted less than a minute.
Still exciting, especially to those who had not been to the races before.

Deben in the 2nd race Cool Music in the 3rd race (my winner) YorkshireDebut in the 6th race (Joanna's winner)

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